16 April 2016

Type 62 Tank of the Cambodian Army

15 April 2016

Type 62 tank (all photos : DatViet)

Cambodian army received about 100 tanks Chinese manufacturing Type 62 by, equipped with 85mm cannon barrel, highly maneuverable.

Sina network recently published series of rare photographs of the Type 62 staging of Cambodia. The photos were taken under the People's Republic of Kampuchea (1979-1993). However, according to foreign materials, but especially of the Institute for Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), the whole tank Type 62 is still operating although Cambodia has long been a major upheaval.

The Type 62 tank was probably China provides the Khmer Rouge government before 1979. After Vietnam volunteer military defeat of the Khmer Rouge, the tanks were delivered to the People's Republic of Cambodia's armed forces use.

Type 62 is the type of light tanks from 674 factories (now part of Harbin manufacturing complexes) produced on the basis of increased maternal Compact Type 59 midsize. Specifically, the Type 62 is made with thin borders , the smaller cannon, equipped with electronic limited sight weaponry. Overall, this increased sample is designed to serve combat in mountainous terrain, muddy.

Type 62 weight is 21 tons, 15-50mm thick armored, armed with 85mm main gun with 47 bullets 62-85TC Type and size 7,62-12,7mm three machine guns.

Increase Type 62 air-cooled diesel engine capacity of 430 horsepower water for a maximum speed of 60km / h on the road or 35km / h on rough terrain, a range of 500km.

Despite featuring high mobility, rapid-fire 85mm cannon fire powerful cross, but the Type 62 is still fatal weaknesses. Specifically, place thick steel armor least 50 mm can only protect against car engine weapons and pieces of artillery small, but completely useless before individual anti-tank weapons. Type 62 easily destroyed by anti-tank grenade launcher RPG-7 even if hit from the front face.

In addition to disadvantages armor, Type 62 fighter performing very poorly. Due to the design of electronic systems to reduce weight simply be the ability to identify and target the weak car. 85 mm cannon system lacks stability when firing up the accuracy is not high. Type 62 can not combat at night due to lack of ammunition observed.

Later, China has upgraded Type 62 tanks to replace the standard G with old turret fitted with a new type barreled 105mm tower with views towards stabilization system and fire control system modernization. This version works until the new 2013-2014 years gradually withdrawn from the equipment.


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