18 April 2016

Vietnam Launches Molniya M5 and M6 before 8 Months

18 April 2016

Molniya M5 and M6 (photos : QDND)

Vietnam made fast warships for the Navy before 8 months

On 14/4, the BaSon Corporation successfully launched pair M5 and M6 rocket ship newbuilding is under contract with the Navy.

M5-M6 duo ship was launched after 30 months of construction, plans completed before 8 May.

This type of fast attack missile boat versatile, maneuverable, most modern class "Lightning" by the Corporation closed and timely Bason equip the Navy to contribute to improving the combat power , firmly protect sovereignty over sea and islands of the country.

Earlier, the first pair of ships M1, M2 was Ba Son Corporation handed over to the Navy in May Region 2 6/2014 and are exploited and used effectively.

By May 6/2015, additional train pair M3, M4 also be handed over to the Navy.

According to the contract of 2009, six fast attack missile boats Molniya (also known as the M series, or rocket ship 12,418) Russian technology transfer to Vietnam are deployed close at Ba Son Corporation (TP HCM), one of the leading shipbuilding base of the army.

Molniya rocket ship is one of the missile attack boats modern, is considered complete and stable operation at present the world's leading design by Naval Institute Almaz (Russian Federation) design.

4 The ship successfully building fast attack missile Molniya class recorded significant milestone in the history of the field of military shipbuilding Vietnam.

Fast attack missile ship Molniya class 1241.8 is one of the ships with sophisticated design showing the latest achievements of scientific and technical progress.

Ships with 560 tons of water relaxation, featuring sailing high with a maximum speed of nearly 70 km / h in standard conditions.

Operating time is 10 days at sea, operating range when running at an average speed of 1,650 to 2,400 nautical miles from. The vessel was designed to destroy the team or group of warships, amphibious ships, corvettes and other enemy fleets independently; protection of submarines, amphibious ships; perform reconnaissance missions ...

Aboard the system integrates multiple high-tech equipment, the best combination between advanced capabilities and defense such as weapon systems ammunition and motivation systems, system control equipment, security systems structural protection and ensure the vitality ships sailing features, operating independently and other devices.

Fire system on board is equipped with Kh-35 missiles Uran-E missile shells 16 are arranged in four launchers 2 side of the ship. The missile is capable of sinking the warship with 5,000 tons of sized stretch of water, with a range of up to 130 km.

Additionally system Uran-E missile, ship is also equipped with an automatic AK-gunboats 176M 76,2mm caliber range of 15 km, speed development 130 / min, 2 flak Ak-630M highway to speed development of fire up to 5,000 / min, 2-barreled cannon 6 automatic AK-630M has a range of 4-5 km and 4000-5000 found shot beat / min.


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  1. Yak mau komplen kalo knalpot rudal russia bikin kapal 'angus', masalah keseimbangan kawasan. Yg pasti vietnam keren, g setengah2 bikin yg namanya KCR dengan kec 42 knot dgn tentengan 16 buah Kh 35 yang konon bisa mencapai jarak 300 km.
    Pernah liat di film lupa judulnya, kapal di salvo sama rudal dan ciws g mampu menghadang. Jadi kalo kapal cuman kirim 2 rudal, bakal gampang ditangkis ciws.

    1. Bettul broo ....vetnam bikin kapal perang kwalitas di medan tempur di utamakan ...tidak asal bikin berlevel buatan dalam negeri asal proyek jalan bank saku gembul beres hehe....