15 Maret 2010

Elbit Systems Awarded $298 Million Contract for the Supply of C3 System for the ADF

15 Maret 2010

Battle Group and below Command, Control, and Communication-BGC3 (photo : Army Guide)

Haifa, Israel -- Elbit Systems Ltd. announced that it was awarded a contract from the Department of Defence of the Commonwealth of Australia in the amount of approximately $298 million U.S. dollars (approximately $ 331 million Australian dollars) for the supply, integration, installation and support of a Battle Group and Below Command, Control and Communications (BGC3) system for the Australian Army’s Land 75/125 program.

The BGC3 comprises a Battle Management System (BMS) for soldiers, Vehicle Mounted Commanders and Headquarters/Command Post Staff.

This project, to be performed over the next three years, will enable the Australian Army to achieve a major portion of its defence network centric warfare milestone of a networked brigade with cutting edge technology in battle management and communications systems.

The capability will increase the commander’s battlespace awareness, automate combat messaging and assist in the execution of operations. Importantly, this capability will significantly reduce the risk of casualties resulting from friendly fire.
This high priority acquisition will assure improved protection and coordination for Australian Defence Forces personnel, allowing missions to be carried out more efficiently, safely and effectively.

Elbit Systems, a leading supplier of tactical Battle Management Systems, has been selected by the Australian Department of Defence following a world-wide competitive open tender.

Joseph Ackerman, President and CEO of Elbit Systems, commented: "Australia is a very important market for Elbit Systems, and we are extremely proud to be selected by the Department of Defence for this major program, one of the largest and most prestigious BMS programs in the world. The selection of our systems by the Australian Army, considered among the world's most advanced and modern fighting forces, reflects the quality and maturity of our systems, resulting from the fact they are currently in operational use by more than 20 armed forces worldwide".

(Army Guide)

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