23 Maret 2010

Pantsir-S1 Finally Shows Up

23 Maret 2010

Pantsyr S1 medium air defense system (photo : wertt)

The Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft system recently entered service with the Russian Air Force (which wants to eventually buy 300 vehicles). These ten vehicles were supposed to arrive two years ago, but there were more technical problems.

There's been a pattern of that with Pantsir-S1. Development began in the 1990s, but was sporadic for nearly a decade because there was no money. Meanwhile. several Arab nations have been persuaded to order a total of 150-200 Pantsir-S1 vehicles.

Targeting and fire control of the Pantsyr S1 air defence missile / gun system. (photo : army technology)

Pantsir-S1 is a mobile system, each vehicle carries radar, two 30mm cannon and twelve Tunguska missiles. The 90 kg (198 pound) missiles have a twenty kilometer range, the radar a 30 kilometer range.

The missile can hit targets at up to 8,400 meters (26,000 feet). The 30mm cannon is effective up to 3,200 meters (10,000 feet).

The vehicle can vary, but the most common one carrying all this weighs 20 tons, and has a crew of three. Each Pantsir-S1 vehicle costs about $15 million.

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