24 Maret 2010

RAN Completes Submarine Escape and Rescue Exercise

24 Maret 2010

James Fisher Defence LR5 rescue vehicle is recovered to the Australian rescue ship after transferring submariners from the RAN submarine HMAS Waller while it sat on the seabed. (photo : Militaryphotos)

Submarine Escape and Rescue Exercise

The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) has completed a successful personnel transfer from the submarine HMAS Waller, while it sat on the seabed off the West Australian coast.

Submarine escape and rescue is a requirement of the RAN’s submarine safety system and demonstrates that the procedures and equipment are in place to rescue personnel in the event of an accident. “Black Carillon is an extraordinarily valuable opportunity to exercise our submarine escape and rescue capability,” said Commander Submarine Force, Captain Brett Sampson.

Lines are attached to the James Fisher Defence LR5 rescue vehicle by a Franmarine underwater services swimmer in preparation for recovering the rescue vehicle onboard the Defence Maritime Services rescue ship, Seahorse Standard. (photo : Militaryphotos)

“The successful completion of the submarine escape as part of Exercise Black Carillon has demonstrated that the RAN is well equipped to take action to rescue submariners in the unlikely event of a submarine incident,” he said.

Black Carillon is the twelfth in a series of exercises designed to demonstrate RAN submarine rescue capability. The RAN uses annual Black Carillon exercises to train and demonstrate this ability.

(Australian DoD)

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