05 Maret 2010

First APC 8x8 from Ukraine to North Thai March

5 Maret 2010

The APC 8x8 BTR-3E1 (photo : Military Today)

Thai purchase the 96 APC 8x8 vehicles from Ukraine by 3,898 million baht budget with ING V Engineering Company Limited manufacturer enterprise sector in Ukraine. Model BTR-3E 1 is an improvement model from BTR-70 Russia.

Nearly 3 years full unfinished issues in procurement APC 8x8 that the Army is also interested to purchase more or not because previously there was a problem on the procurement contract. The only problem on a prototype engine that Germany refused to sell engines.

Part of the law of Germany does not allow to trade weapon with non democratic countries or countries with a revolutionary coup d'etat. But when Germany still has no resolution to sell engines to Thailand making procurement project APC 8x8 to slow down out indefinitely.

The purchase of signed approval in the generation of former Prime Minister. As physician sweet Gen. Phong offers a time served as Minister of Defense by means of a government to government procurement.

Army continues to build upon the purchase again. The Director of Light Arms Military Ekachai Wanchr travels to Ukraine to monitor the project during the past 2-3 months with a view of engine performance with different types.

Gen. Sub Phong disclosed that procurement project APC 8x8 from Ukraine, purchasing a car is possible, weapons and equipment from Russia is cheaper and it should be good. The engine can also select by Army, choose to Germany's Deutz engine, select communication device from Israel, what we choose to bring the 2 types of installation and trials. But Minister of Germany announced that would not sell to us.

"German companies are trying this career. But last, ministers have refused to sell the Deutz engines to us, claim issues that we used guns in the southern hemisphere and he does not support the revolutionary government. We want to use Germany engine because the use of military weapons up to 30-40 years and the last time MTU used in majority of ship tank" said Gen. Sub Phong.

Gen. Sub Phong said previous agreement that Germany's Deutz engines but not enough, must solve each new contract reason would be the German market with parts in commercialized. We would like to Deutz engine because the general sales if the engine of the United States need to be purchased.

"Now they try to make fast early. The previous year the car will be mailing all rubber tires, I confirm that the APC 8x8 very interesting. While this unit will have a shed out successfully, "said Gen. Sub Phong.

Conclude that it must wait for another chance, APC 8x8 from Ukraine will be stationed in Philadelphia, and first 12 cars in March will be delivered to the Army and completed 96 units at the end of this year or not.


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