28 Maret 2010

Government and Military Made Plans to Improve the Military from 2011 to 2020

28 Maret 2010

K1A1-Army need new MBT replacing the old inventory (photo : Militaryphotos)

Government and military is being conducted in a military improvement program over the next 10 years is from 2011 to 2020 replacement plan provides an overview military is 9 years since 2006 to 2014, conducted during the year 2006 and was updated again in 2007.

The new plan will be divided into 2 period is during the first 5 years (2011 to 2015) and over 5 years after (2016 to 2020) the budget and 4 billion baht (average of 4 billion baht per year) and increased budgets military level to 1.6% of gross national product, or GDP. A goal that took place since the time when the military plans to provide an overview at 9 years now, the defense budget would be relatively close to target. TAF is not expected to be seen to increase defense budgets as tacit John Key last couple of years ago. Except in 2011 the defense budget will increase to 1.7 billion baht a year from 2010 to around 1.5 billion baht, but defense budget should be increased every year in the proportion similar to the growth of GDP of the country if need treatment behind this goal.

We expect the overall plan was not likely to be different from the overall military plan, providing a significant 9-year player John Key. But only partial exception of military plans to provide an overview of the 9 should not appear in the Army plans to improve 10 years who are new. As has been provided to the resident this calculation was likely to be approximately 20% of all plans so important implication that John should add to the 10-year plan will be a new demand during and after 5 years to improve existing conditions to the new plan, improve military 10 years.

Not much detail for the details of military plans, but each believes that TAF will not be much different. The map feature has been disclosed in the press, Army budget request of approximately 7 billion baht to establish a military division to number 3, which is close to the amount of TAF was estimated that the division now and horse must be the main tank (Main Battle Tank) approx 3 battalion total number of 150 to 200 trucks transporting troops armor vehicles and then again around 6 battalion from 300 to 350 vehicles and parts support. The superiors various positions, including the need to open more.

The main goal of the Navy is still the number 2 submarine aircraft, which is expected submarine used to spend 2 billion baht, with data that are selected a Navy submarine class, or Type-209 from South Korea. Song from China, including construction equipment is needed to support various operations with the submarine. There are also African boat needs new floor Gate which is expected to be similar to the African demand for ship Gate protection plans provide military air in a 9-year overview.


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