02 Maret 2010

Five Cavalry and Mechanised Regiments will be Equipped with 8x8 APC Started from Tenth Malaysian Plan

2 Maret 2010

Proposed Zimbru 2000 for the Malaysian Army (photo : KLSR)

KLS: Malaysian Army Chief General Tan Sri Muhammad Ismail Jamaluddin announced that the Joint Chiefs Committee has already agreed to equip all five cavalry and mechanized regiments with new type of 8x8 APC.

He said the acquisition program was already registered under the Tenth Plan.
He added Condors and Sibmas APC will reach its service life in near future, and it is not cost effective to refurbish those obsolete platforms anymore.

Apart from that, he said the Army is also planning to equip those 8x8 APC with long range Anti-Tank Missile missile.

The traditional local shipbuilder - BHIC, is also devoting itself in promoting 8x8 APC. BHIC is colloborating with Romanian ROMARM company to study the posibility of assembling Zimbru 2000 8x8 APC in Malaysia and supply to the Army.


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