27 September 2010

Casspir IV – Denel Introduces A Modern Version for the Legendary Mine Protected Vehicle (MPV)

27 September 2010

Casspir Mk IV (photo : Army Recognition)

31 years after pioneering mine protection for vehicles with the first Casspir Mine Protected Vehicle (MPV) Denel unveiled today a new version of South Africa’s iconic mine-protection vehicle – Casspir MK IV. The new vehicle was launched in Cape Town today, at the African Aerospace and Defence Expo (AAD) taking place at the Ysterplaat Air Force Base.

According to Ashley Williams, CEO of Denel’s subsidiary Mechem, responsible for the vehicle design, new features introduced with the new model are the use of modern, more powerful drive train with manual or automatic transmission, a stronger hull offering improved protection, including ‘up armoring’ with appliqué armor modules, a slightly wider and lower cabin, offering improved interior design.

Casspir IV from rear view (photo : Army Recognition)

“Mechem took the strategic decision to build this configuration again due to the great demand still in the market. In the last few years, most of these vehicles were re-manufactured from hulls bought from SAPS auctions and tender processes causing depletion in actionable stock. There was also concern over the supply of spare parts,” said Mr Williams.

Kopassus also uses Casspir (photo : Kaskus Militer)

According to Denel CEO, Mr Talib Sadik, Casspir had been the benchmark for the safe transportation of military personnel worldwide and the vehicle is the preferred Mine Protection Vehicle and Armored Personnel Carrier used by the United Nations. It has been used in combat in many of the world’s hot spots, from Afghanistan to Mozambique, by the South African National Defence Force, private security companies and police services. Casspir became famous in popular culture when it featured prominently in the Oscar-nominated film, District Nine. The first Casspir was built in 1979 by TFM.
New features introduced with the new model are the use of modern, more powerful drive train with optional automatic transmission, improved protection and more ergonomic cabin. (photo: Denel)

Mechem also offers the ‘Steel Wheels’ counter-mine system for the Casspir, enabling the vehicle to destroy land mines without damaging the vehicle.

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Denel develops air-transportable Casspir APC
20 September 2010

Denel's Mechem division has developed a new air-transportable variant of the Casspir mine-protected armoured personnel carrier (APC) to complement the Mk II variants, which were re-launched in May 2010.

The new vehicle, known as the Casspir Mk IV, is wider than the original vehicle, but at 2.73 m tall, it is slightly lower overall, enabling it to fit through the entrance to a C-130 Hercules transport. The vehicle's 40 cm ride-height remains the same to help manage blast, but the roof has been dropped by 20 cm.

Despite the change in dimensions, Denel claims the vehicle offers the same high levels of mine protection as the earlier vehicles and that add-on armour packages are available to increase protection still further.

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