26 September 2010

Vietnam to Buy Four Radar to Detect Stealth Aircraft

26 September 2010

Kolchuga-M passive radar (photo : Allocer)

RBK news agency, reported that Vietnam has purchased four Ukraine’s Kolchuga-M radar to detect stealth aircraft in the country.

Deputy Minister of Industrial Policy, Chairman of the Ukraine defense industry affair Konstantin Kucher and with senior Defense Ministry of Vietnam has signed program document. Mr Кonstantin Kucher rated collaboration Ukraine - Vietnam has strengthened the relationships in the field of military technical cooperation.

Details of the program were not disclosed, but the newspaper commented: "The analysis of military-technical policy in Vietnam showed that Ukraine is still in the future partners in the field of technical Vietnam's military procurement of products, technology and military service. "

According to the Center for Analysis of World Arms Trade-TsAMTO (Russia) 2000-2001, Ukraine was transferred to Vietnam 100 R-27 medium-range air to air missile guided by semi-active radar to equip the Su-27 fighters provided by Russia. As Vietnam plans to continue to buy new Russian fighter should be able to Ukraine will also provide a weapon for air planes.

According to available data are at the implementation stage is the contract signed in 2008 provides 4 stations passive electronic reconnaissance Kolchuga-M worth an estimated $ 54 million.

According TsAMTO, although Russia currently has an overwhelming market in Vietnam, Moscow need the ability to increase position than Ukraine in this market. Kolchuga with Tamara and the Czech Vera system is the passive electronic reconnaissance with the most current, one of the most effective means to detect stealth aircraft. There are rumors, China bought 4-8 Kolchuga system of Ukraine.

In 1998-2000, Ukraine has provided Vietnam 5 Projekt 1400 Zhuk/Grif class patrol boats.

In 2002-2003, Ukraine offers Vietnam 10 L-39ZA Albatros air combat training from the armed forces of Ukraine.

In 2005-2006, Ukraine transferred to Vietnam eight Su-22 fighters bomber from the armed forces of Ukraine under contracts signed in 2004, a contract worth an estimated $ 20 million.

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