16 November 2010

Almaz Shipbuilders Float Svetlyak for VietNam Navy

16 November 2010

Svetlyak class patrol boat (photo : docklifencoz)

Shipbuilders Petersburg shipyard "Almaz" float patrol boat for Viet Nam Navy

SAINT PETERSBURG, (ITAR-TASS). Project 10412 patrol boat, constructed by order of the Ministry of Defense of Vietnam, today will be launched on shipbuilders JSC Shipbuilding Company "Almaz".

Border patrol ship of the project of "Svetlyak" was founded in summer 2009 Its displacement is 365 tons, length - 49,5 m, width - 9,2 m, depth - 2,4 m, endurance - 10 days. In 2002, the shipbuilders "Almaz" has already built two Svetlyak for Vietnam. According to the results of their operation seamen of this country have decided to order at Russian shipyards are two more similar ships.

Earlier in 2002, Almaz shipyard in St. Petersburg has handed over two high-speed patrol boats under the Project Svetlyak 10.410 for the Vietnam People's Navy and two others in Vladivostok shipyard. (photo : docklifencoz)

The project is 10.412 made in St. Petersburg JSC Central Marine Design Bureau "Almaz". Ships have high seaworthiness may come when the sea state of 7 points. Their speed - about 30 knots. On board mounted gun, anti-aircraft guns. The crew - 28 people.

Shipbuilding company Almaz is situated in central St. Petersburg on Petrovsky Island, in close proximity to the Gulf of Finland. Covers an area of about 165 thousand square meters. The company specializes in building high-speed ships and boats for the protection of maritime borders, large and small ships, multi-purpose hovercraft, boats and yachts for civil purposes.

During the existence of the shipbuilding company built here for export to foreign customers and delivered more than 1000 boats and small ships.

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