17 November 2010

Cabinet Approves 1.6 billion to Buy 6 Gripen

17 November 2010

JAS-39 Gripen and SAAB 340 AEW (photo : Gripen)

The government provided 1.6 billion as a commitment to buy six Gripen aircraft from Sweden. Request Commander Air Force Commander or his deputy to sign the purchase agreement.

On 16 November at the National Assembly, Prime Minister spokesman Mr Supachai said the Cabinet will provide multi-role combat aircraft Gripen 39C to replace US aircraft's 18 F-5A/B which will be retired a second phase. With the job done in five years from fiscal year 2011-2014 which was bought by the government to government process (G to G) including equipment, logistics and training, project management is handled Organization providing military weapons, Sweden (FORSVERETS MASTERIEL VERK: FMV), as well as improve building and project management to prepare for Air Force aircraft.

RBS-15 anti-ship missile (photo : defense industry daily)

In addition, the Air Force receive special offers from the Swedish government include:

1. Aiborne control and early warning aircraft (SAB 340 AEW) equipped with ERIEYE radar.

2. Anti-ship missiles (RBS-15B) 12.

3. Postgraduate scholarship funds for 24 man.

4. Technology transfer and bilateral industrial cooperation.

Chief of the Air Force or representatives must sign an agreement to purchase multi-purpose combat aircraft Gripen 39 C under an agreement as adopted. Including the signing of a document to modify the purchase agreement that may occur later. Only if the details are not changed substantially. The amount does not change.


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