01 November 2010

Australian Army Has Been Equipped with a New Virtual Training

01 November 2010

Virtual training program (photo : SkyNews)

The Australian army has been putting a new high-tech weapon through its paces in Adelaide.

The weapon, a virtual program, allows troops to train in foreign countries, before they've even arrived.

A virtual representation of the ground and it's surroundings gives soldiers a first-hand look at the environment all with a click of a button from the safety of their base in Australia.

In what looks like video game, it couldn't further from the truth.

Soldiers can operate in a virtual world says Lt Cameron McDougall from the Royal tasmanian Regiment.

'We've got all the same vehicles, the same equipment, the same weapons, everything we would have in reality,' Lt McDougall said.

It allows an interactive experience with police and locals on the ground, skills needed for a five month peacekeeping mission.

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