12 November 2010

Daewoo International to Export Armored Vehicles to the Indonesian Army

12 November 2010
Blackfox Tarantula 6x6 with 90mm turret (photo : Asia Today)

Daewoo International to export military wheeled armored vehicles 6x6 to Indonesia Army worth of 70 million dollars.

Indonesian Defense Ministry and Daewoo International recently signed agreement and came into effect 11 days to start production this month.

Wheeled armored vehicles 6 x6 is the first time to export to overseas.

Daewoo equipped 22 units of armored with a 90mm turret, split 11 units completely knock down (CKD), and 11 unit in parts assembly (SKD), Indonesia announced that it will lead to the Army by end of 2013.

Production and 90mm armored turret assembly headed by the Doosan DST, SKD volume manufacturing technology transfer contract with the armored vehicles in Indonesia is planning to assemble in the arsenal.

Company officials said "military diplomacy in the DAPA and the competitive win financial support Korea Export-Import Bank for this project was a great help," he said.

Daewoo International in the past one year worth of $ 80 million from the Indonesia Navy type 209 submarines overhaul contracts, and amount to $ 40 million from the Indonesian Air Force basic trainer contracted.

(New Daily)

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