18 April 2011

Indonesia Receives Two Warships from Brunei

18 April 2011

KRI Salawaku 642 dan KRI Badau 643 (photo : TNI AL)

PONTIANAK, KOMPAS.com - Indonesia has received two warships, "KRI Salawaku 642" and "KRI Badau 643" from Brunei Darussalam under a grant, which will join the West Fleet Command (ARMABAR). Brunei government officially handed over the two warships on April 15, 2011, (Navy) Maj Komaruddin, the commander of KRI Badau said here on Monday.

Both ships were originally called "KDB (Kapal Perang Diraja Brunei) Waspada" and "KDB Pejuang" as part of the Royal Brunei Navy fleet, he said. In accordance with Decree of the Defense Forces (Military)Commander, "KDB Waspada" is now called "KRI Salawaku" with hull number 642 and "KDB Pejuang" is now "KRI Badau" with hull number 643.

"The two ships are part of the rapid ship missile (KCR)," Maj Komaruddin said, adding that the ships were designed in England and constructed in its plant in Singapore each with a cruising capacity of 28 knots.

The two warships can be operated for the next 10 to 15 years, and each with a crew of 37, consisting of 7 officers and 30 men, Maj Komaruddin added.

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