17 April 2011

Navy Commissions 2 Repaired Vessels

17 April 2011

BRP Emilio Liwanag (photo : krblog)

MANILA, Philippines -- As the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) remains wanting in the projection of naval presence, the Philippine Fleet based in Sangley Point, Cavite, last Friday marked its 73rd founding anniversary with the commissioning of two newly-repaired vessels.

Lt. Col. Omar Tonsay, Navy spokesman, said coinciding with the Philippine Fleet’s founding anniversary, the fleet also launched its new IT-based Command Center.

Tonsay said the two newly commissioned vessels, the BRP Emilio Liwanag (PG118) and the BRP Manobo (AT297), were repaired using deadlocked parts sourced from the systems and machines of vessels e docked beyond repair.

The PG118 is one of the seven Patrol Killer- Medium (PKM) gunboats acquired from South Korea in 1995, but had to undergo repairs when she was turned over to the Philippine Navy.

On the other hand, the BRP Manobo is a combat and logistics support vessel that is used to transport personnel and material cargo. Formerly categorized as a Boat Unit of the Philippine Navy, she was commissioned to increase the logistics support capability of the Fleet and whose crew composition will be manned by officers.

Tonsay said the commissioning ceremony, which included the reading of the commission order, breaking the commissioning pennant, and hoisting the national flag and Jack flag were presided by the Navy Flag Officer-in-Command (FOIC), Vice Admiral Alexander Pama.

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