26 April 2011

New Patrol Boat for Vietnam Navy Launched

26 April 2011

Third Svetlyak class for Vietnam Navy (photo : Arms Expo)

St. Petersburg shipbuilding company Almaz was launched on the third patrol boat project 10412, under construction for the Viet Nam Navy, according to a company press release. Currently, the ship moored at the quay wall of the plant, which will be its completion. When the new patrol will be delivered to the customer, not specified.

Vietnam Navy must obtain a total of four patrol boats of the project 10412 (export version of the project 10410 "Svetlyak"). Two of the ship has already admitted to the Vietnamese Navy. Construction ofthe latter two being under a contract signed in July 2009. Previously reported that the deal is estimated at $ 60 million.

Project 10412 ships have a displacement 375 tons and capable of speeds up to 30 knots. Range of the patrol is 2,2 thousand miles. Boats armed with 30-mm artillery installation AK-306, 7.56-mm AK-176M gun mount, 16 rocket launchers Igla-1M and two machine guns 14.5 mm.

(Arms Expo)

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