08 April 2011

Russian Defense Declassified the New Tank

08 April 2011

T-90 MBT (photo : UralVagonZavod)

Uralvagonzavod introduce a new generation of tank T-90AM at the exhibition of arms, which will be held in Nizhny Tagil in the first half of September 2011. On it informs RIA Novosti news agency quoting the press service of the company. URA.RU agency wrote that the new model is a modified version of the tank T-90.

According to CEO UralVagonZavod Oleg Sienko, Defense declassifies new vehicle and has already consented to the passport image. At the September exhibition tank will be shown in action. Sienko also said that the tank was modified based on comments the Defense Ministry.

CEO UralVagonZavod said that at a meeting held on 8 December 2009, the military have voiced a number of criticisms of the T-90AM. In particular, they claim, to the engine, transmission, charge, and a host of other things. Now, the engine became more powerful at 130 horsepower, has changed the barrel, there was a completely different, secure machine-gun installation.

T-95 MBT (photo : Militaryphotos)

Sienko also said that Uralvagonzavod plans to continue upgrading its other cars, the T-95, though the Defense Ministry in the development of the project is not interested. Back in April 2010, First Deputy Defense Minister of Russia Vladimir Popovkin said that the agency stopped funding the development of T-95. However, Sienko said that it continues to see in this machine is "more positive than negative."

Uralvagonzavod - Russia's largest manufacturer of military equipment and various types of freight vehicle. Oleg Sienko headed the company since 2009.


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