04 April 2011

Vamtac and G-Wagon : 4x4 Multi-Purpose Tactical Vehicle

04 April 2011

G Wagon 4x4 (photo : Edwin Lay)

Army has a variety of military vehicles, in addition to front-line operational use for a variety of armored vehicles and tanks, the Army still a wide variety of military trucks, military command vehicles, 4X4 multi-purpose tactical vehicles.

Here do not discuss military trucks, active duty Army combat team, we have first to understand the most important 2 tactical 4X4 utility vehicle, they are G-Wagon and Vamtac.

G Wagon with Metis M anti tank missile (photo : Perajurit)

G-Wagon is the Deftceh Defense Technology Co., Ltd. assemble multiple resources, from Marseille to launch in Germany, a light multi-purpose tactical vehicles.

Malaysia's Army in 2001 purchased about 84 G Wagon multipurpose tactical vehicle, as the motor vehicle contained weapons, is still in service.

84 G Wagon, among them, 32 G Wagon installed a 12.7-mm machine guns, consumption of 10.8 million ringgit; 34 G Wagon is mounted 40 mm grenade launcher at a cost of 11.5 million ringgit; 12 G Wagon is used to carry anti-tank missiles at a cost of 6.1 million ringgit.

Uro Vamtac 4x4 (photo : palapesukm)

In 2008, Malaysia's government procurement of 85 high-mobility tactical sport utility vehicle Vamtac, set out as a mobile weapons platform. The contract worth 56.1 million ringgit.
In this 85 Vamtac high mobility tactical sport utility vehicles, including 25 mobile air defense missile for the IGLA contained units, 24 for the Metis-M anti-tank missiles contained units, 24 for the AGL 40 mm grenade launcher and 12 contained units 12.7 mm machine gun vehicle contained units.

In 2010, the Government then additional 18 Vamtac, as the 105 mm howitzer tractor. This group of 18 high-mobility military vehicles Vamtac 4X4 purchase price of 12.4 million ringgit.

Vamtac with AGL (photo : militaryphotos)

As Vamtac and G-wagon of the tasks to be granted are set out as a mobile weapons platform, it is not meant to replace in 2001 Vamtac purchased G Wagon?

To this end, Defence Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Zahi late response in 2010, purchasing Vamtac not to replace the active use of the G Wagon.

He said that in order to fill the procurement Vamtac standard infantry battalion (BIS) on the demand for arms for the cars.

"G-Wagon will continue to serve until the end of life is to."

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