29 April 2011

South Korea Offer KT-1 to Philippines

29 April 2011

KO-1 of the ROKAF (photo : Defense Industry Daily)

Air Force Chief of Staff of South Korea Bakjongheon, on April 26, visited the Headquarters of the Philippine Air Force and met with Philippine Air Force Commander Oscar H. Rabena to discuss bilateral military cooperation between the Air Forces.

Philippine Air Force General is reviewing the replacement of OV-10 reconnaissance aircraft to replaced with domestic KT (A) -1 was highly recommended.

Bakjongheong explained that Indonesia and Turkey as model has been demonstrated that the aircraft is already performing of versatile performance, as well as less expensive maintenance as required by the Philippine Air Force : has both the battlefield ability and observation.

Also, in the defense exhibition in Seoul ADEX 2011 will be held in October this year the Air Force invited the Philippine officials offered to attend.

Also, discussed the exchange of personnel and senior cadets two Air Force and increasing military cooperation between the two countries.


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