23 April 2012

RAAF Carries its Most Passengers Ever in A330 MRTT

23 April 2012

An RAAF KC-30A has set a new record by carrying 220 passengers. (photo : Airbus Military)

An Airbus Military A330 MRTT multi role tanker transport of the Royal Australian Air Force, designated the KC-30A, has flown the highest number of passengers ever carried by the service in a single flight.

The aircraft of 33 Sqn, RAAF carried 220 passengers from the Australian Defence Force Academy as well as its 14 crew, on a two-hour flight from Defence Establishment Fairbairn last month.

The sortie was part of the squadron's introduction into service of the KC-30A which is capable of carrying 270 passengers in the configuration selected by the RAAF.


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