17 April 2012

SCS Nears Design Completion

17 April 2012

SCS Agas QR UAV (photo : standupper)

Malaysia's SCS is approaching completion of several new UAV designs targeted at the local market.

Speaking to Shephard on 17 April at DSA 2012 in Kuala Lumpur Faryd Pang Yu Min, manager of the unmanned systems department for the company, said that it is important for Malaysia to develop its own unmanned systems, and by the end of the year two new systems should be ready for production.

'In Malaysia we have floods and landslides and we need something quick. The AGAS QR can be used for searching for flood survivors, and people trapped under the rubble.'

The AGAS QR is a short-range VTOL system designed for SAR applications, with an HD camera and thermal imager.

'It has been six months in development, and should be ready in the next three months,' Min explained.

SCS Nyamok UAV (photo : SCS)

The Nyamok is a 20kg system with a stabilised gyro cloud cap camera, and the company is looking at improving the take off and recovery looking at a launcher. Min said it is currently 30-40% developed, and confirmed that a Malaysian mapping agency is interested, as well as the Malaysian Army.

'Hopefully by the end of the year we'll have something ready,' he continued.

It was designed for civilian applications, despite the army being interested, and has been eight months in development. All of the air vehicles are 20kg or less for ease of certification.

'We need to get them working with the locals before we look elsewhere,' Min explained. 'Right now the Malaysian UAV industry is stagnated; I think we're the only ones bringing stuff out.'

'It's sad to say that UAVs coming out of the western world are costly, plus the exchange rate. UAVs are supposed to be expendable, but instead they are expensive. That's why we're looking at developing cheap and simple systems.'


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