28 April 2012

Vietnam will Receive Three Su-30MK2 in Early May

28 April 2012

Vietnam's Su-30MK2 (photo : ttvnol)

Vietnam has sent expert team to Russia's Air Force to receive three multi-purpose fighter Su-30MK2.

Written in Militarynews.ru, source close to the Russian defense industry on 26/4, said Russia is preparing to transfer to Vietnam 3 more Su-30MK2 in half earlier May 2012.

According to sources, coalition aircraft production at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur, aircraft manufacturing subsidiary of the Sukhoi company has welcomed Air Force member delegation from Vietnam to the procedures for receiving the modern fighter.

"Within 2 - 3 weeks, both sides will sign the minutes of the transfer and reception in the second half of the beginning of the month 5/2012 of delivery of fighter aircraft orders" - Russian airlines industry sources told Militarynews.

According to this source, initially they (Sukhoi company) plans to provide Vietnam 4 aircraft, but one of which crashed in flight testing on 28/2.

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