27 April 2012

Thomas Electronics Complete ASLAV Turret Prototype

27 April 2012
ASLAV turret (photo : mheaust)
Sydney based aerospace & defence technology group Thomas Electronics of Australia has successfully completed the prototype turret assembly for the Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV) Crew Procedural Trainer (CPT) simulator project.
Thomas Electronics is acting as the major sub-contractor to Thales Australia on the project, which involves production of 9 ASLAV CPTs for use by the Australian Army.
William Hutchinson, Thomas Electronics’ CEO said that reaching this milestone was a major achievement for the project team.
“We are delighted to have successfully delivered the prototype turret assembly, on time and budget,” he said.
“Achievement of this milestone is a critical step for the project, significantly mitigating project risk.
“I am extremely pleased with how the project is progressing, and am particularly impressed with the high level of cooperation between the project’s supply chain partners.
“This is a great example of what Australian industry can deliver.”
The ASLAV CPTs provide a realistic training environment for ASLAV crews, and reduce the requirement to train with live ammunition in actual vehicles.
Completion of the prototype turret assembly is a major milestone for the ASLAV CPT project, as the turret assembly represents the most complex and intricate component of the CPT.
ASLAV CPT deliveries commence in early 2013 and will conclude in the second half of the same year.
There are currently over 250 ASLAVs in service with the Australian Defence Force.

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