09 April 2012

Vietnam Manufactures Thermal Battery for Air Defense

09 April 2012

The thermal battery manufacturing for the first successful self-help guide our infrared part of the expenses savings to buy from outside. (photo : BaoDatViet)

Recently, the Military Engineering Academy has been successful in researching and manufacturing thermal batteries provide power head homing infrared low altitude air defense missile.

The scientists from the Department of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry of the technical (Military Technical Academy) has just completed research for the Defense Ministry: "To improve thermal battery manufacturing technology for low altitude air defense missile ".

The process of thermal battery manufacturing technology including: Manufacturing positive (negative impregnated anode active ingredients to ensure sufficient grid components, to scale, uniform distribution of constituents) made negative (cooking calcium, spot welding negative calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mn) with annular conductive) fabricated single battery casing; built arts leaf fire; manufacture stainless steel casing and lid; single battery assembly and installation of thermal batteries.

Along with the thermal battery of test products meet the specifications set out, through testing to ensure quality, subjects completed the process of thermal battery manufacturing technology, building the assembly line to achieve the capacity 300 units / year and complete the construction of technical standards for products.

Thermal battery (also called thermal activation pin) using solid electrolytes in the state archives, state melts at work. As well as the other power chemical, thermal batteries are diverse in structure and chemical composition.Thermal batteries have been studied and put into industrial production in many countries since the 1950s but is new to our country.

Advantages of thermal battery is a long-time storage, fast activation time, energy density and high current density due to good conductivity of the molten electrolyte. The battery also has high reliability and convenience in use and no maintenance.

The main component of typical Manpads (image : fas)

Thermal batteries are currently the number one choice of military technology and aerospace. They are used in artillery fuze, fuze delay of bombs, drones system, seat parachute.In missile technology, thermal batteries are used for low altitude air defense mission to provide the energy for self-guided infrared to catch the target.

Thermal battery production technology is always kept secret country, so the success of the project is fundamental to the scientific approach and our country all battery manufacturing technology for the manufacture of thermal batteries for low altitude air defense missile in particular and general.

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