03 November 2013

France Sells Exocet Block 3 for Two Vietnamese SIGMA 9814

03 November 2013

MBDA Exocet MM-40 Block 3 (photo : netmarine)

The European Union defense company MBDA will provide VL MICA air defense missile systems on ships and Latest generation anti-ship missiles Excocet Block 3 for 2 Vietnam missile corvette's SIGMA 9814, French business weekly said on 3/10.

The newspaper quoted the CEO of MBDA, Antoine Bouvier said in a hearing before members of the National Assembly Defense Committee said that France, now, waiting MBDA signed three major contracts for defense foreign customers, including Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and a new customer of the French defense industry is Vietnam .

According to Bouvier, MBDA will be joining equipped air defense system on the vessels VL MICA and advanced anti-ship missiles, Exocet Block 3 for 2 stealth corvette SIGMA 9814 by Dutch Shipyard DSNS created for Vietnam. The agreement near future is highly MBDA, help them put a ticket on the market procurement of modern military equipment in Vietnam in the coming years.

Thus, disclosure of CEO of MBDA has gradually revealed the weapon system equipped with the most modern in the configuration of two SIGMA 9814 ships escorted by the Navy in Vietnam in the future .

Specifically, according to information revealed recently, to generalize about the configuration of two SIGMA 9814 ships Vietnam as follows : length 98 m and 14 m wide, equipped with vertical launch system tubes (VLS) for MBDA MICA missile, one 76mm Oto Melara main gun and Exocet anti-ship missiles.

SIGMA 9814 is equipped with combat management system TACTICOS , search radar SMART-S MK2 targets and fire control systems STING EO MK2 developed by Thales Netherlands. These are the electronic systems of the most advanced in Europe.

The system equipped with Exocet Block 3 anti-ship missile with a range of 180 km of France, synonymous with the version of the missile Kh - 35EV by Vietnam and Russia will work together to develop are not present on the ship SIGMA 9814 in the future. All of the information revealed so far shows that the Netherlands will play for Vietnam 2 warships equipped with all the standard weapons of the West.

(Phunu Today)

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