29 Januari 2014

France Proposed Sale of Six Tiger HAP Used to Malaysia

29 Januari 2014

A French Tiger helicopter (photo : DailyMail)

Malaysia does sign for its Tiger HAP?

This is a case that lasts for months already: the sale of six attack helicopters Tiger HAP (Support Protection) used in Malaysia, which showed for a long time its desire to strengthen its capacity to support close fire. Taken from the stocks of the Light Aviation Army (Alat) and delivered to "Standard 1" or the one currently used by France in overseas operations, these helicopters have been delivered from the beginning of the year 2014. But the signing of the contract does not come.

"This project equipment had experienced a big boost early last year," says a close case. Early 2013, Malaysia is experiencing a difficult security situation, linked to land claims Philippine rebels on the state of Sabah in effect. Events which led to several weeks of military action (Operation "Daulat"), mobilizing many local air assets.

As early as July 2013, the French offer comes on the table Malaysian military, while wishing to have helicopters early 2014. The agreement provided for the delivery of Tiger HAP set configuration "Standard 1", but the missile capacity of the new standard just HAD to arrive unit. Helicopters are therefore fitted with formidable 30mm cannon, rockets and possibly air-to-air Mistral missiles.

Since the pressure is slightly settled and signed long in coming, but the French team remain confident and hope to properly hang the sale to their list of 2014 the Asia-Pacific region rich in opportunities in the short and medium term for the French defense industry. Kuala Lumpur is already good customer of Airbus products Helicopters, with a recent order of 12 EC725 Caracal whose deliveries began in December 2012 and are now completed.

(Air & Cosmos)

3 komentar:

  1. Masih kalah jauh sama apache

    1. Mana kau tahu? Sudah ada data pertempuran? Attack helicopter are designed for fire support and suppression of land based and naval defense. Mana ada attack helicopter digunakan untuk melawan attack helicopter. That is an utter wastage. Attack helicopter can be taken out by ground-based air defense assets or by surface-to-air missiles from frigates or corvettes. Kalau ada Apache sekali pun, kalau tidak ada dana untuk maintenance buat apa bro.

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