31 Januari 2014

Vietnam will Replace Russian Kalashnikovs with Israeli "Galil"

31 Januari 2014

Galil ACE machines were developed based on the Israeli Galil, which in turn was based on the Kalashnikov. Rate this weapon is 650 rounds per minute, and ─ sighting range of about 500 meters. Equips automatic box magazine 25 or 30 rounds. (all photos : soha)

Moscow. INTERFAX.RU - Israeli company Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Launches Vietnam factory to manufacture assault rifles (assault rifles) "Galil" (Galil) 31 ACE models (compact) and ACE 32, which in the future will replace Kalashnikovs.

About the beginning of the local assembly of two types of machines, Israeli television channel said the Ministry of Defence of Vietnam QPVN in a report on the visit of Deputy Defense Minister Lieutenant General Nguyen Thanh Chung Z111 on a weapons factory in Thanh Hoa.

The report noted that in the near future will be deployed Israeli mass production machines, which will gradually replace the Russian AK-47, were armed with the Vietnamese army.

Earlier, Israeli news portal "Globe Israel" also reported that the company won the tender IWI and awarded a contract worth $ 100 million to build a plant in Vietnam to produce their machines.


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