13 Januari 2014

Philippine Army to Get 400 Brand-New Light Rocket Launchers

13 Januari 2014

The new acquisition of 400 US-made RPG-7 (USA) 40 mm recoilless rifles  will replace the obsolete M18 57 mm and M67 90 mm recoilless rifles (photo : Military Times)

In line with its modernization program, the Philippine Army (PA) on Friday announced that it will be getting 400 units of LRRs (light rocket launcher anti-tank weapons) before the end of 2014.

Capt. Anthony Bacus, Army spokesperson, said that these weapons are meant to replace the 186 units of 90-mm and 26 pieces of 57-mm recoilless rifles currently in service.

He added the decision to acquire the 400 units of LRRs was done as the recilless rifles were too heavy to be carried by a single soldier alone.

"One of the downside aspect for these old weapons is that they are too heavy to be carried by an individual soldier, that most instances, it impedes the movement of maneuvering troops," Bacus stressed.

Aside from these LRRs, the PA also has 12 units of 76-mm guns and 300 25-mm cannons for its anti-armor role.

Anti-armor capability refers to the ability to destroy or disable enemy armor in the battlefield.

PA anti-armor weapons are issued to elite and special operations units and the newly-created mechanized infantry companies which consist of 14 armored vehicles each.


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