24 Januari 2014

Vietnamese Homemade Mini-Submarine Operates Well on Trial

24 Januari 2014

The mini submarine has 8.8 meters long and 3 meters wide and has a displacement of 12 tonnes when it is submerged and 9.2 tonnes when it is on the surface. (photos : DatViet, VoV)

HANOI (Xinhua) -- After one week on trial, a private mini-submarine made by a Vietnamese mechanic can now work perfectly with its full functions.

Nguyen Quoc Hoa, the one who performed the mini-submarine production, said on Local Lao Dong (Labor) online newspaper Thursday that machinery parts inside the mini-submarine operates well as originally designed.

"Successful tests have been carried out with internal engines of the mini-vessel, including generator system, oxygen supply system, air filter and radar system," said Hoa.

Specifically, the submarine managed to apply the advanced Air Independent Propulsion technology while diving, Hoa added.

Hoa, a director of an engineering company in Vietnam's northern Thai Binh province, some 110 km southeast from capital Hanoi, started to produce a mini-submarine in early 2013.

According to Hoa's design, the submarine has a 12-ton displacement, and is able to operate at a maximum depth of 50 meters and at a range of 800 km for 15 hours.

The testing mini-submarine is designed to work at estuaries or shallow water level for civilian purposes of marine natural resources research, and environmental protection, said Hoa.


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