10 Januari 2014

Vietnam Consider Purchasing T-90 Tanks from Russia

10 Januari 2014

T-90 main battle tank (photo : Army Technology)

Vietnam Ministry of Defense is considering the possibility to upgrade T-72 tanks out there and buy a new rise of the Russian T-90, according to Voice of Russia 10.1 days.

Storage tanks of Vietnam has long been in need of improvement and now consists mainly of type T-72 and T-55 Soviet production, electronic portal i-Mash.ru said.

Vietnam Ministry of Defense is considering the possibility of upgrading the T-72 tank and buy a new tank T-90. Military experts studied the T-90 tank during military exercises in India.

Russian tanks meet the requirements of the military in Vietnam. However, it would have a hard time to unify the entire tank storage. To reduce the cost of maintenance, the tank unit must be re-armed with new combat vehicles, accompanied by the complexity of organization and logistics.

The T-90 is the upgraded version of the T-72. The T-90 weighs 47.5 tons, range 550-700 km. Vehicles equipped with 1 125 mm guns, one 12.7 mm machine guns, one 7.62 mm machine guns, more bullets smoke launchers. Be explosion-proof armored vehicles, thermal imaging systems, laser sight, electronic jamming system against anti-tank missiles.

From 2011 the Russian army stops ordering the T-90, waiting for a more modern type of T-99 (from 2020).


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