31 Januari 2014

OSI to Upgrade Australian Navy’s ECPINS-W Sub Software

31 Januari 2014

The ECPINS-W Sub (Electronic Chart Precise Integrated Navigation System-Warship Submarine) was developed for use on military vessels designed to enhance situational awareness and improve navigational safety. The ECPINS is the fleet standard for many NATO and allied navies including UK, Australia, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand and Portugal. It is the only WECDIS Systems independently certified against NATO WECDIS STANG 4564. (all photos : OSI Maritime)

Vancouver, BC, Canada - OSI Maritime Systems (OSI) is pleased to announce that it has signed a contract to provide in-service-support for its ECPINS-W Sub software. The software is in service across the Royal Australian Navy fleet. 

Under the terms of this contract, OSI will provide software upgrades and engineering support services over the next three years. 

OSI has been supporting the Royal Australian Navy warship integrated navigation system requirements since 2004. This recent contract confirms their on-going commitment to the Company’s technology. 

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