18 Oktober 2014

First C-295M of Vietnamese Air Force Condusts Flight Test

18 Oktober 2014

This image of the first C-295M transport aircraft of the Vietnamese Air Force during flight test in Spain (photo : Guillermo Granger)

The first transport aircraft  Airbus DS (Airline Group of the European Airbus) CASA C295M built for the Vietnamese Air Force, made the first flight test on Friday 17/10 .

In one image the photographer Guillermo Granger posted on photo sharing sites world-famous aircraft Jetphotos.net shows, the transport body's first C-295M Air Force Vietnam with camouflage paint colors and lines "No military in Vietnam" in the upper body and test number 123 in the rear, made the first test flight at the airport Sevilla San Pablo plant, Spain.

Also in the image is the photographer Granger shared the first C-295M built for the Air Force Vietnam had barely even coating red flag with yellow star on the tail.

Earlier, sang, told Flight Global magazine earlier this past June, the company director Antonio Rodríguez Barberan DS Airbus said that, at that time, aircraft manufacturing facility of the company in San Pablo (West Spanish), is undergoing final assembly for 3 transport aircraft C-295 (one for Ecuador, one for Egypt and the rest of the Vietnam Air Force). There is also a CN-235 is also being made to force the US coast guard.

He officially revealed rangViet Barberan South is one of many new customers have ordered 3 transport aircraft C-295 from Airbus DS.

According to news agency IHS Jane's disclosure, purchase contract 3 aircraft military transport C-295 from Airbus DS was Vietnam signed in 2013 with a total value of about $ 100 million, which includes the provision of spare parts, maintenance and training for the air force. They are expected to be handed over in about 6 months.

It is known that the aircraft have been sold to Vietnam with the basic configuration does not include the additional system comes. IHS Jane's said the C-295 aircraft of the Vietnam first being built in Seville, Spain, although the details of this agreement have not been disclosed.


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