17 Oktober 2014

Russia modernizes Vietnamese patrol ship

17 Oktober 2014

Patrol vessels of the coastal zone project PS-500 of the Vietnamese Navy (photo : Militaryphotos)

Ship PS500 project is already under repair at the factory "Bashon" in Ho Chi Minh City

Northern Design Bureau modernizing Vietnamese patrol vessel project PS500, built to his own development in the 1990s. Told corr. TASS bureau director general Vladimir Spiridopulo.

"Through the" Rosoboronexport "we received a contract to repair and upgrade the ship PS500, which is our project in the framework of military-technical cooperation has been built in Vietnam in the 1990s. The ship is already under repair at the factory" Bashon "in Ho Chi Minh City. We acts as the coordinator of the work, integrators, equipment and weapons, which are mainly produced in Russia, and to provide technical support for the project "- said Spiridopulo.

He explained that all the systems and weapons will change the ship of the same type, but a more modern version.

Displacement PS500 exceeds 600 tons, the ship can reach speeds of 32.5 knots and is equipped with shock complex "Uran-E", artillery caliber 76 mm and 30 mm, as well as portable air defense systems ("Eagle") and machine guns.


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