06 Oktober 2014

Three Phases of AFP Modernization Cost P300B

06 Oktober 2014

Three phases modernization need PhP 300 billion (photo : PN2020)

Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff General Gregorio Pio Catapang said on Friday, October 3 that approximately PhP300 billion is needed to complete three phases of AFP modernization.

“We can think of it like boxing where the first horizon is the bantamweight, then the second horizon is the middleweight, and eventually the third horizon is heavyweight,” General Catapang explained.

First phase of the modernization, currently ongoing, will attain minimum credible defense posture. Department of National Defense already awarded several contracts to supply military hardware including 12 units FA-50s, 2 strategic sea-lift vessels, number of attack helicopters and 3 medium lift fixed wing aircraft. DND is currently in the later stage of acquiring frigates and air defense radar systems.

DND is also acquiring anti-submarine helicopters, close air support aircraft and patrol aircraft as part of first phase.

“The second horizon is another P85-P100 billion which will take six years, while the third horizon is P100-P125 billion and another six years for military hardware and also bases development,” the AFP chief said.

For the second phase, DND is eyeing to acquire multi-role fighter jets as part of the phase. The phase is expected to kick-off coming 2018.


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