04 Februari 2015

Amphibious Ships of the Vietnamese Navy

04 Februari 2015

Polnocny B (Project 771) Landing Ship Medium of the Vietnamese Navy : HQ-511, HQ-512, HQ-513 (photo : BaoDatViet)

Before the unrest in the South China Sea, navies in the region is strengthening its combat capability by increasing the number of amphibious ships.

Polnocny B class has 75.0 m in length and displacement of 884 tons (photo : BaoDatViet)

The largest amphibious ship of the Vietnamese Navy  today is Polnocny B (project 771) capable of carrying 100 soldiers, 6-8 trucks or armored vehicles, 180 tons of cargo.

Naval Forces Vietnam, according to the magazine Diplomat past the end of 2014, Vietnam is now on the road of modernization, but the navy type depends on the lander small self-closing, and amphibious vehicles from the Soviet era.


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