19 Februari 2015

RTAF Received First EC725 Helicopters

19 Februari 2015

 RTAF plans to purchase 16 EC-725 Combat SAR helicopter (all photos : RTAF)

During 8 -15 February 2015 at the French, RTAF Board of the Technical Committee to inspect the project to supply unit # 1 EC725 medium helicopters for search and rescue in the battle area (Phase 1),  manufactured by Airbus Helicopters.

In the RTAF, EC925 will replace UH-1 Huey for Combat SAR (photo : RTAF)

The supply of medium combat search and rescue helicopters is to provide medium helicopter to find and as a lifesaver. Replacement helicopter search and rescue mission today to keep its air force and the ability to search and rescue for military and civilians. 

Details of RTAF EC725 helicopter (photo : RTAF)

As the main unit of the Air Force, Medium Helicopter's Project (Phase 1) to provide an EC725 helicopter is scheduled for delivery 4 units for RTAF on August 2015.


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