02 Februari 2015

Soltam ATMOS 52 Caliber Howitzer Delivered to Thailand

02 Februari 2015

So;tam ATMOS 52 howitzer (photo : Natphat Poolsuan)

Finally ATMOS has just came to Thailand. It seems to have 52 caliber rather than normal (and in service) 39 caliber Soltam howitzer.

There are some rumours that the collaboration between RTA and Elbit does not happen. IMO If the rumour is real, this will be a great loss to Thai's weapon industry ! 

Another rumour said "18 systems will be shipped to Thailand" and "the assembly will be done in the Army Weapon factory". I hope that the collaboration will be continued and Thai's version of ATMOS will be manufactured in large numbers.

(Thai Defense

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