09 Februari 2015

Ukroboronprom Increases Production of Tanks

09 Februari 2015

49 T-84 Oplot tanks were ordered by RTA but only five units have been received by RTA until now (photo : Moo Pheromon)

State Holding UKROBORONPROM is planning to increase production of Ukrainian tanks almost by 25 times: from 5 up to 120 units annually, declared Director General of UKROBORONPROM Roman Romanov. 

According to the plan for 2015, production development of armored vehicles “Oplot” will be increased up to 40 units; beginning with 2016, State Holding will produce up to 100-120 of units annually.

Enterprises of UKROBORONPROM are going to arrange mass production of armed vehicles “Dozor”. UKROBORONPROM is planning to produce up to 50 units of “Dozor” vehicles, and in the nearest future to increase the number of those up to 100 of units a year.

Specialists of State Holding UKROBORONPROM are initiating development of home-produced unmanned aerial vehicles and counter-battery fire systems. The first 3-coordinate radar locator station will be ready by 2016.

The quality control group is already working within State Holding UKROBORONPROM, checking each unit before sending it to the front line.


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