14 Februari 2015

Php 22.3 Million Allocated for Repairs of BRP Rizal

14 Februari 2015

BRP Rizal (PS-74) is one of the oldest ships in PN (photo : Hans)

The Philippine Navy (PN) has allocated the sum of Php22.3 million for machinery repairs of the BRP Rizal (PS-74), one of the oldest ships in the fleet.

Winning bidders are required to complete the repairs within 100 calendar days.

The repairs are to ensure that the BRP Rizal is seaworthy and battle-worthy at all times.

The BRP Rizal is the lead ship and first of two Rizal class ships in service with the PN.

She is formerly an ex-US Navy Auk class minesweeper that were produced during World War II, and is now classified as a patrol corvette protecting the vast waters of the Philippines.

BRP Rizal was commissioned into Philippine service in June 18, 1965.


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