14 Juli 2016

Airbus C295W to Gain Roketsan Weapons

14 Juli 2016

C295W - a varian with winglets for surveillance and transport aircraft. (photo : jaalmarza)

Airbus Defence & Space is to arm its C295W medium transport with a trio of weapon types developed by Turkish specialist Roketsan, with the light-attack mission emerging as a new role for the versatile platform.

Signed at the show by Airbus head of military aircraft Fernando Alonso and Roketsan chief executive Selçuk Yaşar, the memorandum of understanding involves the Cirit 2.75in laser-guided rocket, UMTAS anti-tank missile and the Teber system, which adds a precision-guidance kit to standard Mk 81 155kg (345lb) and Mk 82 270kg bombs.

Roketsan Cirit 2.75in laser-guided rocket (photo : miltechmag)

Under the arrangement, the companies will cooperate during the integration and testing of the weapons package, which is intended to meet the requirements of potential customers.

Roketsan UMTAS anti-tank missile (photo : trmilitary)

Fernando Ciria, Airbus’s head of marketing, tactical airlifters and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, describes Roketsan as “the perfect partner for precision weapons”, and notes that the airframer is seeing increased interest in special-mission applications for over-land operations. It has previously adapted the C295 for roles including maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare.

“There are other platform companies who want to cooperate with Roketsan, because our systems are in serial production or advanced development,” Yasar notes.

Roketsan TEBER laser-guided bomb (photo : defence.pk)

Meanwhile, Airbus has brought its C295W demonstrator to the show equipped with a roll-on, roll-off air-to-air refuelling system installed. The company plans to trial the type during “dry” contacts with another C295 soon, before continuing the work with a helicopter before the end of this year.


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