23 Juli 2016

AWD Alliance Starts Hobart’s Gas Turbine Engines

23 Juli 2016

Hobart class destroyer ship (photo : Aus DoD)

Months of hard work from Production and Test and Activation has resulted in the successful commissioning of the AWD Gas Turbines on Hobart.  “This is a huge achievement for the project that everyone should be proud of,” said Michael Clements, Test and Activation (T&A) Manager.

A lot of work goes into the preparation for this moment.  In the beginning, Production undertake the load-out of the Gas Turbine Engines onto the ship, followed by integration, alignment, cable and pipe testing and flushing of the supporting systems.  The systems are handed over to Test & Activation, who energise and set-to-work the systems in collaboration with the vendors, in preparation for the engines to be started for the Gas Turbine Light Off (GTLO).

“This is one of the most powerful machines in the world and starting it up is immensely exciting for everyone involved,” said Greg Hatsitsopanidis, Propulsion Team Lead, T&A.

With the Propulsion T&A team consisting of eight people, expertise is drawn from all five of the specialist T&A teams including, Auxiliary, Electrical, Controls and Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) to ensure the successful and safe start of the Gas Turbines.  The hard work from teams across both Production and T&A has contributed to the success of the GTLO.  “Every day has been a challenge, but it is rewarding seeing the teams come together and utilise their skills,” Greg said.

With the successful commissioning of Hobart’sGas Turbine Engines, the team will continue to work towards preparing the ship for Sea Trials in September.


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