25 Juli 2016

BRP Ang Pangulo Soon to Become Hospital Ship, or Entirely Scrapped

25 Juli 2016

BRP Ang Pangulo, the presidential yacht (photo : Irvine Kinea)

President Rodrigo Duterte told the troops of Philippine Army 6th Infantry ‘Kampilan’ Division, July 22, that he wants to sell or scrap the presidential yacht BRP Ang Pangulo. He said proceeds will go to the improvement of Armed Forces of the Philippines Medical Center also known as the V. Luna General Hospital.

Another plan is to build a new hospital. “I can build you a new hospital or improve. Kung sino ang magbili ng barko, anyone of you here can be a broker. Ipagbili yan kasi may komisyon kayo diyan,” he told the troops.

“Or entirely scrap na yan whatever makuha ko, I will build, I will repair V. Luna. Lagyan ko lahat, CT scan, MRI,” the President said.

Another possible fate of the BRP Ang Pangulo is it will be turned into a hospital ship. “Gawin ko na lang din ospital na kung saan ang bakbakan i-parking ko na lang doon. Kumpletuhin ko lang,” he said.

The President said plan for BRP Ang Pangulo will be “in the fullness of God’s time.”


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