29 Juli 2016

ST Kinetics is Expanding Market to UK

29 Juli 2016

Terrex wheeled infantry fighting vehicles (photo : STK)

Singapore company Singapore Technologies (ST) Kinetics, a division of the state of ST Engineering, sptsializiruyuscheesya in armored vehicles, is seeking to expand its presence in the international market of armored 8x8, offering a family of wheeled infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) TERREX, which currently includes three different platforms with a weight ranging from 24 to 35 tons.

Leaders of ST Kinetics argued during closed the press conference, which was held on July 22 during which were first shown together all three of the current family car Terrex - that successive company's efforts to improve the machines will allow them to meet the growing demands of international customers.

Toh Winston (Winston Toh), executive vice president and chief marketing officer ST Kinetics, said that the machines 8x8, some have already expressed interest in the Middle East, and North and South America. However, they are already participating in the tender for the project of the Australian Army Land 400 Phase 2 program in the United States Marine Corps Floating combat vehicle, stage 1 substage 1 (ACV 1.1).

Three different platforms of TERREX with a weight ranging from 24 to 35 tons. (photo : Shephard)

In addition, during the press conference, a representative of ST Kinetics, said the company is considering the possibility to take part in the planned UK tender for mechanized infantry MIV (Mechanised Infantry Vehicle).

"We have a different business model to meet customer requirements," explained Toh. "For example, we are the manufacturer of the machine, but we assure [our partners] design and technical capabilities for the production of the organization in their country ... to help manage the cost and risk to the customer on their own."

Toh acknowledged that while the Terrex has yet to make a breakthrough in the Asia-Pacific region outside Singapore, ST Kinetics has used its experience with TERREX to provide technical advice to the Thai Defense Technical Institute (DTI) to create a local 24-ton armored Black Widow Spider 8x8, generated for the Royal Thai army (RTA).


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