18 Juli 2016

Vietnam Began Receiving SPYDER Missiles

18 Juli 2016

Vietnam received MAN trailers as part of Spyder missile sytem (all photos: defence.pk)

Vietnam began receiving military trucks MAN plot first - this event is that relevant to the reception SPYDER missile from Israel.

It is known in Germany, MAN military truck trailer used to transport specialized tanks and missiles. According to some experts, military vehicles MAN lot about Vietnam this time is likely used to transport the SPYDER air defense missiles produced by Israel.

According to military-Informant page, to join the Vietnam air force, air defense missile system SPYDER manufactured by Israel has won against PANTSIR-S1 system of Russia in the race in Vietnam, but sources this did not disclose detailed information on this issue as well as the reasons why complexes SPYDER win again.

No official sources talk about "race" on, but if the candidate is in direct competition with the consortium of Russian PANTSIR-S1 is a high probability Vietnam version is SPYDER-SR purchase. However, these systems still have many differences.

First, considering the purpose of the SPYDER-SR using / MR is mainly used for point defense shield, while PANTSIR-S1 or arranged together with the long-range air defense systems such as the S-300, S-400 with the task of protecting the consortium. In addition, the combination PANTSIR-S1 gun - integrated air defense should compare it to SPYDER-SR is a limp.

SPYDER is designed to cater to the organization of air defense operations by mode center network warfare, warfare in all weather conditions, likely high self-propelled maneuver, fighting escalated quickly and Shooting many targets at once.

The sytem has the ability to kill the target aircraft types including fighters, helicopters, unmanned aircraft, cruise missiles and munitions have been fired from the other controls in an environment away from institutional pressure powerful electronics.

SPYDER equipped reconnaissance weapons passive optoelectronic TOPLITE launchers on each car to ensure its ability to detect and target designation for missiles as soon as the car on the move and in the case of reconnaissance radio channel jammers.

SPYDER system uses two types of missiles: the first bullet self-guided missiles with radar and radio initiative Derby missiles with homing head passive infrared thermal imaging technology 2 Python-5 wave band.

The missiles can be weapons on target reconnaissance vehicles or vehicle commander instructs target launchers before release (Lock On Before Launch) when the target is in range of the first catch themselves pilot clinging on ammo rocket. Or they themselves discovered designated target after launch (Lock On After Launch) when the target beyond the first catch of the self leads sticking out of missiles.

SPYDER communication technology applications data automatically via radio waves band VHF / UHF, is coded and interference resistance between the vehicle in the consortium and between the consortium with various parts of the integrated air defense system from about 100 km way.

This is an important factor in ensuring the information network command prompt, accurate, confidential and secure combination of modern air defense operations.

SPYDER has features electronic pressure control mechanism to deal efficiently and eliminate the enemy's superiority in all aspects of air defense warfare from reconnaissance, target detection, information assurance commander and commander click radiation.


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  1. Congratulation!

    What the considerations of choosing the Spyder over Pantsir?

  2. Soal yali dan barani negara Vietnam mirip indonesia saman bungkarno dan kawan 2 tempo daholo broo...di asah senjata berkualitas tinggi di belli .

  3. Wajar bung, era bung Karno dulu dan Vietnam sekarang sama-sama kondisi siap perang. Bung Karno lawan penjajah Belanda dll. Vietnam lawan RRC

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    3. Kalo gini jadi inget film lord of war. Semuanya hanya karena bisnis.