19 Juli 2016

ECA Group Awarded a Contract for the Supply of a Sonar Laboratory to the Indonesian Navy

19 Juli 2016

Tactical table with sonar console in the background (photo : ECA)

ECA Group has been awarded a contract to a supply a sonar laboratory to the Indonesian Navy. The sonar laboratory is a PC based solution for the training of sonar operators using ECA Group sonar simulation system.

ECA Group sonar simulator has already been validated in the past year by customer Navy operators, who have expressed their appreciation for the extreme reliability and realism of the solution. ECA Group sonar simulation system is based on the principle of the internationally approved sonar theories.

Sonar operators can be trained in underwater and surface vessel detection, classification and identification in a virtualized environment with the same characteristics of the real operational area, such as: background noise, the bottom surface reverberation, the climatic and meteorological conditions and all the conditions that effect the sound propagation in a specific geographic area, chosen by the customer.

Navy instructors, using the user-friendly interface of our instructor software can configure realistic scenarios with increasing difficulties in order to train sonar operator from the basic to advanced level.

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