09 Juli 2016

Russia Proposed Upgrade Package for Vietnamese PT-76B

09 Juli 2016

PT-76 of the Vietnamese Navy (photos : kienthuc, baodatviet)

The Group of specialized machinery production and metallurgy Russia has released proposed upgrade package PT-76 amphibious vehicles to customers, including Vietnam.

The service of armored forces in Vietnam has a large number (around 450) of amphibious tanks of the Soviet Union and other countries of the socialist block development in the years 1949 to 1951, PT-76 is later with generation 2 is PT-76B 1958.

3-person crew, including artillery fire the 76.2 mm, 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun. Can enhance 12.7 mm anti-aircraft guns. Relatively thin armor vehicles, about 20 mm hood and turret so weak protection against armor piercing ammunition or antitank.

PT-76 is secreted primarily designed to support infantry in the muddy terrain where many tropical rivers. PT-76 car is payroll for the hit naval forces participated in the campaign the amphibious landing ship from the coast and islands, perform tasks and assist in support and firepower, destroy the car armored enemy.

Therefore amphibious vehicle capable of good, but only thin armor (ensuring the pool), weighing 14 tons. With 240 hp engine, the car has a top speed of 44km dirt road is / h, speed amphibious 10.2 km / h. In Vietnam, the PT-76 tanks were involved in many campaigns as Route 9 South Laos campaign, campaign synergistic An Loc and arms for several major campaigns.

Although there have been in service for a long time, PT-76 tanks remains a disruptive force defensive line hit the coast of the naval amphibious operations in the sea, crossing the coastal complex terrain shore and open corridors for infantry attacks.

In modern warfare, PT-76 has important weaknesses to overcome. That's weak firepower, artillery slow speeds (6-8 player / min), no air defense capability, no gun stabilization system - the viewfinder to shoot precisely so cars had to stop watching. Slow speed maneuverability both on water and on land.

Group special machinery production and metallurgy Russia has launched proposals designed to modernize amphibious tanks PT-76. Increase installed high rate of fire artillery, missile control systems and anti-sniper sight, fire control system of the new. This proposal could enhance the service life of the PT-76 for several more years. PT-76 car bodywork retains only, chassis and motion systems.

PT modernization plans - 76 to maximize firepower of tanks. Designers have proposed to completely replace the turret and armament.

The turret is designed according to the new model, mounted 57 mm automatic cannon, rocket launchers 4 anti-tank guided Cornet; Kord heavy machine guns of 12.7 mm; automatic grenade launcher AG-30; fire control system highly automated range and opto-electronic devices searched target detection.

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  1. To reduce diameter of gun but increasing rate of fire, accuracy.
    For the more punch, it will be equipped with anti-tank missile.
    Good idea.

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  3. For me, the most needed upgrade of this thing is the armor, so weak, even a 7.62AP can make hole on it's skin, and with so many items to be upgraded, i wonder about the speed, and amphibious capability..