29 Juli 2016

CSB-7011 Coast Guard's Largest Vessels of Vietnam

29 Juli 2016

CSB 7011 vessel of the Vietnamese Coast Guard. (photos : BaoDatViet, Soha, QPVN)

As the largest ship of the CSB, 7011 the ship is responsible for transporting oil and fuel supplies, technical supplies, logistics for ships operating at sea.

27/7 days, after the 7011 CSB ship journey from Hai Phong Port to Port Marine Police Region 3 BTL has landed safely. Train carrying children H222 is denoted transports synthetic biggest force Vietnam Marine Police.

According to the published information, CSB 7011 vessel of Vietnam Coast Guard has the greatest length of nearly 90 meters, the largest width near 14m, alongside about 6,25m height, approximately 4.5 m draft vessels.

The vessel has a gross tonnage of 2,900 tons full load of water stretch out 4,300 tons, maximum speed of 13.5 knots / h, a range of 6,000 nautical miles, continuous operation time up to 60 days at sea night and withstand waves, wind levels 9-11.

CSB 7011 vessel is designed for transportation of oil and mission to provide fuel, fresh water, food - food, supplies and engineering - logistics for ships operating at sea as well as for the islands and the rig.

Carrying capacity and fuel supply, fresh water of ships of up to 2000m3 and 500m3 of fresh water and oil. The possibility of international shipping and logistics: about 300 tons of dry cargo, refrigerated cargo of 30 tons; vegetable kinds about 80 tons.

In addition the system also arranged vessel examination room, first aid, treatment of military medical service of technical and repair shop serving ensure technical repair service for small and medium.

In addition, CSB 7011 vessel is also tasked to assist fishermen offshore fishing may in some days (oil supply, fresh water, supplies and minor repairs); participate in coordinated patrols, search and rescue, environmental protection, national security and maritime other work as required.

In addition, the ship is equipped with a 18m long crane systems, crane could be 5 tons of cargo tonnage resupply at sea.

It is one of seven modern vessels are Government investment in the Coast Guard Force program Resolution 72/2014 / QH13 of the National Assembly XIII, in order to enhance the capacity of law enforcement to force officials Vietnam's sea power required before promoting economic development associated with enhanced marine protection maritime sovereignty in the new situation.

Vessel construction contracted newbuilding on 11/26/2014 day. Tau cross fire boat is equipped with fire-fighting capabilities, will bring sailor crew plunged into the ocean in the event of a fire.

The Vietnam Coast Guard put to use multi-functional transport ships, to modern marine oil will help strengthen the capacity of law enforcement time and maintain a better presence of the maritime boundary Landscape fleet Coast Guard.


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