27 Juli 2016

BRP Andres Bonifacio to Start Voyage to Philippines on October

27 Juli 2016

PF-17 BRP Andres Bonifacio (photo : USCG)

BRP Andres Bonifacio prospective commanding officer Captain Brendo J. Casaclang and his crew will undergo training on how to operate the ship’s systems before starting their voyage home by October, Navy acting public affairs office chief Cmdr. Marineth Domingo told the state media. BRP Andres Bonifacio is expected to arrive in Philippines November.

She currently has a sailing crew of 90 officers and enlisted personnel.

BRP Andres Bonifacio is a former Hamilton-class cutters serving under the United States Coast Guard. She was transferred, July 21, through US EDA program which facilitates transfer of defense assets no longer needed and declared excess by the US Armed Forces to foreign governments or international organizations at reduced or no cost to eligible foreign recipients on an “as is, where is” basis.

She is now a Del Pilar class frigates under the Philippine Navy.

“BRP Andres Bonifacio (FF-17), just like the other two Del Pilar class frigates, will boost the PN’s capability to address maritime security concerns and will add up an additional vessel for sovereignty patrols,” Cmdr. Domingo said.

The US Coast Guard said BRP Andres Bonifacio is an $8 million grant, but the Philippine Navy will be investing $16 million to modernize and outfit the cutter in the US as part of the transfer program.


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