08 April 2017

Navy’s Attack Craft Platform for Israeli Missile System Seen Conducting Trials

08 April 2017

Multi-purpose Attack Crafts (MPAC) Mark III (photos : MaxDefense)

Photos of the first of three Multi-purpose Attack Crafts (MPAC) Mark III, the soon to be PCA-488, have surfaced in social media first shown in MaxDefense Philippines. The photos suggest that the said attack craft is undergoing sea trials.

Filipino shipbuilder Propmech Corporation and Taiwanese builder Lung Teh Shipbuilding Co. joint venture is building the MPACs in Subic. Three MPAC Mark III will be the platforms for gun and missile system to be provided by Israeli firm Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

First two attack crafts of the said variant are expected to be delivered by the third quarter of this year.

Rafael is providing its Spike ER (extended range) missile system in anti-ship mode. Rafael is also providing its Mini-Typhoon Remote Controlled Weapon Station for MPAC Mark III. Mini-Typhoon has a variant which incorporates a machine gun and surface-to-surface missiles.

MPAC Mark IIIs have provisions for remote weapon system for 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun M2HB; missile launch system and its respective remote operating console inside the craft. MPAC Mk III also have provisions for two M60/7.62mm Light Machine Gun.

These MPACs will also be capable of storing 2,000 rounds for 12.7mm, 4,000 rounds for 7.62mm and 10 canisters of surface-to-surface missiles.


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  1. Nice work. Deploy this craft in sulu sea to prevent future kidnap by militant.

    1. Indonesia ada bine craft cem ni,namanya X-38 yg dibina PT Lundin,malay boleh beli X-38 buat jaga laut sabah dari pengganas sulu

    2. APMM ada kapal bernama Petir. Design lebih kurang sama macam X38. http://rentaka.weebly.com/blog/sembilan-bot-pemintas-bagi-keselamatan-di-esszone

  2. disainnye kok mirip kmc komando milik angkatan darat kita yak?
    40knot pfeww


  3. Macam design cb90 je ni..